Dear Students,

What is in your Blog?
A Blog is your portfolio, your collection of English tasks (projects, videos, images, writings, presentations...) that prove your competence in English. We collect your English work from 4th ESO to 2nd Batxillerat and it is accountable for 50% of your English mark.

Why do you need it?
Your collection of English tasks keeps track of your progress in learning, shows your performance in English to evaluate your competence and shows the world what you can do in English more clearly, more than just an exam. You also enhance your digital competence and creativity and create a digital identity for your future career.

How do you do it?
In the digital era, you need a digital portfolio. One of the best tools is a blog, a chronological collection of all your work from 4.ESO to 2.Batxillerat ( 3 important years in your education).
  • Customize it to make it personal (template, images, side elements...)
  • Follow the progress of your classmates and share your work (blogroll in the side elements)
  • Leave comments on your peers' blogs
  • Share your work on your social networks

  1. Tag all your posts. As this is a long term collection, it is important to classify it chronologically in order to help you and readers find information: first-term, 4ESO for example to tag all the work you do in the first term in 4ESO.
  1. Tag all your content. You have two basic types of activities in the blog:
  • MY-WORLD We want to read or listen to your opinion. Being critical with reality is key to your personal development. You may choose any idea, fact, event that is going on in the world or in your daily life to reflect on in. You will tag these posts as #my-world. You are expected to comment on 3 events in 4.ESO.
  • Tasks. These are mandatory tasks in the class projects: oral presentations, writings, videos, images etc.  You will tag these posts as #task.

Enjoy your blog, a digital portfolio for 21st century classrooms. 

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